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Tips for a Successful Trip to the Dog Park

dog park
  • 30 May 2019
  • joesanfillipo

We recently published a post titled “7 Great Dog Parks in Cincinnati” and hope you’ve had a chance to visit some of them already. If you haven’t, no worries. There are still lots of sunny days ahead. And we want to help you prepare for your trip to the dog park so that you make long cherished, unforgettable memories with your fur baby. Here are our tips for a successful trip to the dog park.

  • Scope Out Traffic

Things can quickly go wrong at dog parks when large groups of pets are together sharing a play space. If your dog gets shy or doesn’t do well in large packs, try visiting the dog park when it’s the least busy. Dog parks tend to not be as busy early in the morning or during weekdays.

  • Skip the Treats

You may think taking snacks and treats to the dog park for positive reinforcement will be a good idea, but you better think again! As soon as you pull out a bag of treats or some goodies, you’ll attract a swarm of salivating puppers – and some dogs are food aggressive. For the safety of you and your pooch, it’s best to leave the treats in the car or at home while enjoying time at the dog park.

  • Stay Prepared

City regulations require all dogs be collared and leashed before entering the dog park, so make sure you have you pup geared up and ready to go. Head on over to Pet Wants Cincy West to stock up on portable water dishes for pets, leashes, collars, spring toys and more!

Tension can quickly escalate at the dog park, so keep your eyes peeled for strange behavior exhibited by your four-legged friend. If he or she seems uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with leaving and trying again another day. You don’t want to push your furball out of his or her comfort zone. If you do, he or she may get turned off and associate the dog park with negative feelings, never to return.

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