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The 10 Most Important Things To Buy When You Have A New Puppy

  • 30 January 2019
  • joesanfillipo

Bringing a new puppy home will probably be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be a tricky time. Your new puppy will be leaving their environment (usually) for the first time and will be scared and uncertain.

Luckily there are a number of ways you can make things easy for yourself (and your new puppy). Here are some crucial items you’ll need to start off with:

  1. Bowls

Your new puppy will be eating. A lot. You’ll need a separate water and food bowl, or you may even have more than one water bowl in different locations, especially on hot days, or if your new furry friend will be kept in different areas around the house. If you’re not accustomed to having a new puppy, it might be hard to remember, but try to check their water bowl at least once a day, more if it’s hot.

2. Crate

Some dog owners hate the idea of a crate, but it can be a very helpful training method, as long as dogs aren’t kept in the crate for too long or too often. Using a crate can be helpful if you travel and is actually safer for your dog in the event of a car accident. It’s important to choose the right size crate though, so take your time and do your research.

3. Leash and collar

Your new puppy should have an adjustable soft collar; he will grow fast! Don’t forget to include dog identification tags. He’ll also need a leash. You can use a shorter one to begin with, but eventually you’ll need a longer leash for obedience training. It’s important you have a collar and leash before you get your new little pup, or your new puppy can easily run out onto the road. We have a large selection of collars and leashes at Pet Wants Cincy West.

4. Food

Make sure you have plenty of food, and not the first thing you can find. Some pet food manufacturers create food that has been sitting on the shelf for over 6 weeks, and the food isn’t particularly nutrient dense. With a new puppy, it’s so important that you choose a healthy pet food that won’t cause your new pet any allergies or irritate them in any way. They will already be stressed while getting used to the new environment, and you don’t want to add to that stress in any way. We just brought home a beautiful new puppy named Harmony, and she’s loving our Puppy Formula Dog Food, specially created for growing pups. A puppy’s nutritional needs are much more complex than an adult dog and with fresh dog food delivery, it couldn’t be easier to look after your fur baby. A puppy needs all the calories they can get to support their growing bodies. Our nutritionally dense formula will give them all that and more!

5. Bedding

You’ll need two sets of bedding, in case one becomes soiled, which, let’s face it, will probably happen at some point (don’t say we didn’t warn you!). You may also need some warmer blankets for winter. If your puppy is chewing on foam bedding or pillows, remove it. You don’t want her choking on bedding.

6. Toys

Give your new pup plenty of chew toys to play with. Better those than your shoes! We have a great selection of durable and fun to play with puppy toys that are “Harmony” approved. Stop in and ask Laurie which teething or snuggly toys may be perfect for your new best friend!

7. Training treats

Rather than scolding your new puppy every time she misbehaves, reward her every time she behaves well. Every time she does her business outside, or sits, waits or is walking well, give her treats. It’s much easier to train a puppy than an older dog.

8.Puppy shampoo

If you’ve ever had a puppy, you’ll understand that mess is a natural part of their lives. Therefore, you’ll need a specially formulated puppy shampoo for their young puppy skin to clean away whatever muck they’ve rolled in!

9. Grooming kit

A grooming kit goes hand in paw with shampoo. You’ll need a soft bristle brush and sturdy metal comb, and your pup will need regular maintenance, especially if he has longer hair. This will mean his coat stays shiny and healthy, and you’ll have less dog hair everywhere.

10. Puppy Pads

These are great for house-training. The pads get affixed to the floor and you’ll need to train your pooch to go on the pad. If he does his business elsewhere, put the pad in that same spot next time, and then once he starts using it, slowly start moving it outside. Eventually he won’t need the pad anymore and he’ll keep going outside.

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