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Preparing Your Dog for the Holidays

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  • 30 October 2018
  • joesanfillipo

Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday. You get to eat delicious home cooked food, and you get to spend much needed quality time with loved ones from near or far. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home or traveling to be with friends or family, we’d like to share some tips to ensure your dog has a fun and safe Thanksgiving as well.

If You’re Hosting

Preparing your dog for incoming guests really depends on your dog’s normal social personality. If your dog enjoys being around new people, you may not need to do much to get your pet ready for the big day. But if your dog is usually just comfortable with people he knows well, you’ll want to think ahead about how you can create a safe and comfortable space for your pup with all the arriving guests.

As new people arrive at your house, you may want to put your dog out back during this period. Dogs can get anxious when many new people enter their home all at once. And some dogs are triggered by certain sounds like the doorbell or a knock, or even car doors shutting. Plan ahead for your pet’s personality. You may even consider boarding your pets if you think the influx of guests will be too stressful for them.

If any of your guests are going to stay with you for several days, spend time observing them interacting with your dog. Your dog will feel at more at ease by knowing a guest is definitely welcome in their home.

There are a few other tips that will help your dog during the holiday weekend. The first is making sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. Taking time to go on extra walks during the Thanksgiving holiday will rid your dog of extra energy. Also, try to stick to your dog’s normal diet. It’s tempting to give them table scraps during the feast, but doing this could cause them digestive issues.  And no one wants to deal with that!

If You’re Traveling With Your Dog for Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving road trip with your dog can be a fun experience if you plan ahead. To ensure your dog is safe during the drive, be sure to bring along a crate or travel bed. Providing a secure and familiar space for your pet can help them sleep comfortably while you’re staying at an unfamiliar home.

If your road trip will span more than a couple of hours, you should include at least one potty break. Be sure to give yourself extra time in the driving plan for your pet to relieve themselves and get a little break with exercise. You’ll also want to bring all of their necessities like food, any medications, their collars, identification tags, leashes, and bowls. Bring water in your car as well. For all vacations, it is also a good idea to bring along your dog’s current vaccination records.

We hope these simple tips provided will help you and your pet have an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. Remember to stop in Pet Wants Cincy West at Shady Lane Plaza to get everything you need for them before the festivities!