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Pet Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

pet safety
  • 3 November 2019
  • joesanfillipo

With friends and family gathering together to celebrate thankfulness, your fur babies are of course going to want to join in on the fun festivities. However, you need be aware there are some pet dangers that come along with the Thanksgiving holiday. With careful consideration of your pet’s well-being, we’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving pet safety tips.

  • Don’t Feed Pets Raw Turkey or Batter

Shown to sometimes carry salmonella bacteria, raw turkey meat and raw eggs can both be dangerous to pets. Avoid giving your dog or cat raw turkey, cake batter or uncooked dough when whipping up your Thanksgiving feast.

  • Only Give Him/Her De-Boned Meat

Want to give your cat or dog a bit of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers or table scraps? Make sure the pieces you feed your furry friends are completely boneless. This is because small bones can break and splinter in the digestive tract, causing rupture or tears. Also be sure to secure the trash out of reach so your pet doesn’t get into it looking for something to snack on.

  • Get Your Pet His/Her Own Goodies

An easy way to make sure your precious pet feels included is to get him or her a helping of yummy snacks and treats. We here at Pet Wants Cincy West offer a selection of seasonally flavored treats pet parents can’t get enough of. Shop our inventory to stock up on seasonal favorites before the holiday season arrives.

Pet safety throughout the holidays is something we wanted to remind you about. It can be tempting to give your pet anything he or she begs for, but you’re better off making sure what he or she eats is safe and healthy. Make sure you pick up plenty of fall goodies for your pet so he or she will feel like a member of the family.