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4 Natural Solutions for Your Dog

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  • 31 July 2019
  • joesanfillipo

Just like humans, dogs have troublesome issues like dry, itchy skin, getting bit by bugs,  anxiety and sensitivities that need extra care.  That’s why at Pet Wants we decided to create natural solutions for your dogs. Our house-made “sPaw” products are really worth giving a try!

Skin Spray

Is your dog itching a lot lately? Do they have constant problems with hot spots?  Our Skin Spray may be the answer.  With ingredients like lavender oil, and aloe vera gel, it is soothing and calming for your dog’s skin.  It is completely safe and natural and on top of the great healing benefits it provides, it smells great.  Great as first aid for bug bites too!.

Calming Balm

Summer comes along with many celebrations, which means car rides, different people and places, and fireworks!  All of these things can be triggers for dogs with anxiety, so we created our very popular Calming Balm.  With natural ingredients like DoTerra Digest Zen Oil Blend and Lavender Oil, it delivers calmness and can have anti-nausea effects as well.  Safe for humans and dogs, but not cats.

Mosquito, Flea + Tick Repellent

It’s beginning to get buggy and certain bugs like mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases that can make your dog very sick.  Our natural repellent doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and will give you an extra bit of assurance that your dog is not becoming a feast for the those pesky insects.

Paw Wax

Have you checked your dog’s paw pads lately?  Do they feel dry and cracked? Our Paw Wax can be used a healer and a protector.  Great to apply before for those walks on hot days when the pavement could burn your dog’s paws. It really works!

We hope you’ll try some of our House-Made products.  You can stop in Pet Wants Cincy West to sample, or simply add to your order online.  We’re always thinking of new ways we can find natural solutions to your pets’ problems.  Hope you’re having a great summer!  Laurie and Joe