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Keeping Your Pet Happy and Safe During the Holidays

  • 20 November 2017
  • Pet Wants

Whether you’re hosting guests this year or traveling to be with loved ones, the holidays are a special time. If you want to ensure that your pet is able to safely enjoy the holidays as well, we have six tips to help you out:

1. Check Your Pet’s Tags and Microchip

Hosting guests means there will be more activity than normal around your home. And if you’re traveling for this holiday, you will be in some unfamiliar areas. In the event your pet ever slips away, accurate tag and microchip information will maximize the odds of your dog or cat being safely returned. Take a few minutes to check the information on both items and update if any details are out of date.

2. Communicate with Guests

Even if the guests you’re hosting aren’t big pet people, they’ll be understanding as long as you communicate with them. For example, if your pet hates the doorbell, let your guests know in advance so they don’t ring it. And if any guests are going to stay for several days, have them spend a little time interacting with your pet upon arrival. This will create the ideal environment for a positive trip.

3. Stay Active

It’s easy to get lazy about exercise during this time of year. But not only will you feel better taking a nice walk after a big meal, but your dog will appreciate this exercise as well. If you’re ever concerned about your dog acting anxious, burning excess energy by going for a long walk can help a lot.

4. Have Toys and Treats Available

This is just as helpful if you’re hosting guests at home as it is if you’re taking a trip. Letting your pet play with its favorite toys will keep it very happy. And when your pet is being especially good, you can let it know how much you appreciate that behavior by rewarding it with healthy pet treats.

5. Keep an Eye on Kids

Most kids really enjoy spending time with animals. Just be sure to keep an eye on kids when they’re interacting with your pet. Since kids can get a little excited, it’s helpful to be close so that you can provide positive guidance.

6. Avoid Letting Your Pet Get Table Scraps

Out of all the issues that go along with the Holidays, this is the biggest. Although your pet may try to persuade everyone to hand over some table scraps, leftover holiday food is not healthy for a pet. Let everyone know not to give this food to your pet. Also keep an eye on counters or trash cans where your pet may try to grab some food.

Even though your pet may not appreciate it at the time, sticking with its normal quality pet food throughout the rest of the holiday season will be best for its health.