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Where Did Everyone Go? 4 Signs of Back-to-School Separation Anxiety in Dogs

back to school
  • 4 August 2018
  • joesanfillipo

If you have school-aged children in your family, your household is probably quite active this summer.  Kids are home a lot and get to spend more time playing with friends…and snuggling with the dog. Before you know it, August arrives and it’s time for the kids to go back to school all day.  This sudden change in schedule can cause separation anxiety for a pet.  There are some signs of anxiousness in a dog to watch out for and some solutions we’d like to suggest.

  • Whining & Crying
  • Accidents
  • Excessive Chewing
  • Pacing

When the kids go back to school, you may notice an increase in your dog whining or crying. First of all, make sure nothing is hurting your dog. You can take your dog to the veterinarian to rule out any problems. If the doctor thinks it is stress related, consider taking your dog to a local doggy daycare a few days a week so he can play and exercise to appease his sudden loneliness.

The sudden switch in your dog’s routine can cause him anxiety which could lead to accidents. Your pup may have been potty trained for years, and now all of a sudden they’re reverting back to puppyhood. This is a normal occurrence in stressed dogs. Ease your dog into this new schedule by trying to spend quality time with your dog when you’re at home; include him in family activities like rides to and from school or to and from practices and let him know he’s still an important part of the family.

Your dog has been used to people coming and going and playing with him, and now no one is home! This stress can lead to chewing in dogs to release some of their energy.  Try taking your dog on a long morning walk to get him some exercise and wear him out.

Have you noticed your dog is suddenly pacing? This could simply just be from boredom.  Find some fun toys at Pet Wants Cincy West or a Kong chew and fill out with peanut butter to keep your dog engaged and busy when everyone is away.

We hope these ideas help you deal with the stresses of Back to School anxiety that your pet may face.  Soon enough your dog will be used to the new routine as will your kids:) If at any time you think there may be something more to your dog’s unusual behavior, don’t hesitate to call your vet and have him checked.