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Dog Parks in Cincinnati You Need to Know About

Dog Parks
  • 12 July 2017
  • Pet Wants

At Pet Wants, we’re committed to making great dog food that helps pets live happy and healthy lives. In addition to the food that dogs eat, how much activity they get on a regular basis plays a significant role in their physical health, as well as their overall well-being. Because the weather outside is currently quite warm throughout Cincinnati, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time outside with your pup. Dog parks are the ideal location for this type of activity and bonding. Since we’re fortunate to live in a city that has some really great dog parks, we want to highlight five of our favorites:

1. Doris Day Dog Park

If you head to 5083 Colerain Ave, you and your dog will be able to enjoy a two-acre dog park. This space features picnic tables, agility equipment and baby pools where dogs can splash around. While just the dog park is quite large, this location is at Mt. Airy, which features another thirty acres of attractions like hiking trails and an Arboretum. So if you’re looking to enjoy a full day out with your dog, this is the place to go.

2. Washington Park

Located at 1230 Elm St, this park spans over twelve thousand square feet. With all that space for dogs to enjoy, it’s no surprise that the scenery includes granite boulders and a creek. There’s fresh drinking water to keep your dog cool on hot days. And if you want to enjoy socializing yourself, there’s a weekly Yappy Hour where dogs can play while their owners get to have a drink together.

3. Otto Armleder Dog Park

Does your dog really enjoy running? If so, your pet will very much appreciate you taking it to 5057 Wooster Pike. Spread out across ten acres, your dog will have a blast sprinting through this park. There’s a dog drinking fountain for rehydration whenever it’s needed, and even a pup shower to cool down. You can also get some great exercise with your dog by putting your dog on its leash and walking on the five-mile trail that goes around the Lunken Airport airfield.

4. Kellogg Dog Park Field

If you and your dog go to 6701 Kellogg Avenue, you’ll be able to enjoy four acres of wide open green space with a tree grove for shade. A really nice feature of this dog park is it has a dedicated area for small breeds to play.

5. Simmonds Family Dog Park

Want to go for a short drive with your dog? Then head to this park, which is located in Hamilton County at 8715 Hamilton Cleves Pike Rd. Occupying an acre within the 4,438 acres of Miami Whitewater Forest, the park has four separate fields and agility equipment for dogs to play on.