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Determining Which Dog to Adopt for Your Family

  • 14 September 2017
  • Pet Wants

If your family has decided to adopt a dog, you are probably all excited about starting a very special journey. Since this is a big decision, it makes sense for your family to take as much time as everyone needs. One of the most common questions families have is which dog is right for their home. Although this a question that often ends up being answered just as much by the heart as the brain, there are some guidelines you can follow to make a decision your whole family feels good about.

Understand Your Family Dynamics

Choosing the ideal dog for your family starts with understanding all your current dynamics. Some families are going to mesh best with an energetic dog that’s always ready to go out into the world on adventures. Other families will get the most enjoyment out of a dog that is a little more chill and really enjoys spending time with everyone at home. The important thing to remember is specific dynamics aren’t better than others. Instead, what matters is taking time to think about your family and the type of dog that’s going to thrive with you all.

Start with Questions

Once you have a good understanding of the type of pooch that’s going to fit well with your family, you can head to one of the multiple Cincinnati shelters that do a great job of caring for dogs in need. When you arrive, don’t be shy about finding someone who can help answer all of your questions. In terms of what questions to ask, finding out why a dog is at the shelter is a good starting point. You can also ask if a dog your family is considering has any medical issues, as well as what its temperament is like.

Spend Time Together

While getting information from a shelter volunteer about a dog’s history, health and temperament is helpful, there’s no substitute for spending time around a dog. This will allow you to see how the dog your family may adopt reacts to different people. You’ll also be able to get an idea of the dog’s energy levels. If you’re feeling like a dog is going to be a really good fit for your family, most shelters will let you take the dog out on a short walk to see how it behaves.

By following the guidelines above, your family will know for sure when you find the right dog to adopt. And once you bring the newest member of your family home with you, you can count on Pet Wants food to keep your dog feeling its best!