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5 Tips for Bringing Your Pup to a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

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  • 28 September 2019
  • joesanfillipo

With pet ownership the highest it has ever been, more and more restaurants are smartening up and allowing guests to bring along their furry best friends. Planning to take your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant, bar or cafe? Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your dog’s first dining out experience.

Visit During Non-Peak Hours

Take it from us here at Pet Wants Cincy West. Dogs can get anxious and uneasy when there are a lot of people walking about, loud music playing and/or noisy chatter. This is why we suggest visiting pet-friendly restaurants when the crowd is small and quiet.

Go For a Long Walk BEFORE

You definitely don’t want your dog to go potty anywhere near where food or drinks are served. For this reason, we recommended taking your pooch on a long walk before being seated. Plus, giving them a walk prior will release some of their energy before having to sit and behave:)

Bring Along Food/Water Bowls

Your fur baby shouldn’t be eating or drinking out of dishes provided by the restaurant you’re visiting. Don’t forget to pack some travel-friendly dishes you can use to serve your pup water, food or table scraps while you enjoy your al fresco meal.

Keep Your Dog on a Short Leash

Retractable leashes and long leashes are more convenient when taking your dog on walks, but a short leash is needed when dining at dog-friendly establishments. This is because you need to maintain control of your dog, keeping him or her close by and out of the way. And never tether your dog’s leash to the table. If he or she were to get startled, you’d have a huge mess to handle.

We at Pet Wants Cincy West want what’s best for you and your pet. We have many travel-along accessories for your pet’s next adventure. Keep the above tips in mind when dining out with your four-legged bestie in tow so that you, your pet and other patrons have an enjoyable experience.