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5 New Year’s Goals for You and Your Dog

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  • 6 January 2020
  • joesanfillipo

Happy New Year to you and your pets!  We all have our intentions, goals, or resolutions lined up, but how can they include your furry buddy?  Keeping your dog healthy, safe and happy are high on the list for all us, so we’ve come up with 5 New Year’s goals for you and your dog!

  1. Stop Now & Then – We are all busy and trying to get that walk in every day with our dogs.  Sometimes we’re in a rush and don’t really enjoy the time of one on one with our furry friend. They look forward to this walk all day every day, so try and make it memorable.  Slow down sometimes and let yourself and your dog enjoy it.  Talk to them, let them take a few sniffs now and then. A great new year’s goal is to make a point of getting out every day with your dog and enjoying it.    
  2. Measure Your Dog’s Food  – Set an intention to measure your dog’s food every single day and even when traveling.  If you’re estimating when you pour that food into the bowl, it’s very likely you’re overfeeding your dog.  Obesity is a huge problem for pets and causes a chain reaction of other health problems.  Stay healthy and be precise. 
  3. Buckle-Up – Resolve to keep your pets safe and secure in the car.  Whether it’s a trip across town, or a road trip, dogs should always be safe when riding in the car.  After all, most accidents happen close to home. Whether it’s a crate, carrier, or harness, use it EVERY time and remember that dogs love routines and actually thrive with them. We have many car accessories available here at Pet Wants Cincy West.
  4. Help Local Homeless Pets – There are so many animals in need in Cincinnati.  Just because you can’t adopt right now, doesn’t mean you can’t be an asset to your local shelter.  Volunteering, Driving, or even Fostering has a ripple effect and can make room for other dogs, find homes for them, or just ease the burden of understaffed rescues.  Go to if you wish to help.  This is an organization that we support throughout the year.
  5. Learn One New Trick Per Month – Especially during these winter months, dogs can get bored and learning a trick is one way to stimulate their brains and have fun inside.  Dog’s love to learn and “work”, so go on YouTube and learn how to teach your dog some cool tricks that they can show off to all your friends.

Whether it’s volunteering at your local shelter, keeping your dog at a healthy weight, or just enjoying life with them, we hope these ideas will inspire you to include your dog in your New Year’s Goals. For fresh nutritious pet food and the best supplies for your dog or cat, check out Pet Wants Cincy West!