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5 Creative Ways to Get Your Pooch to Take His Medicine

dog medicine
  • 17 August 2017
  • Pet Wants

At Pet Wants, we’re very proud to offer great dog food that helps pets thrive on a daily basis. While quality nutrition and consistent exercise can help combat many common health issues, there may be times when your dog needs to take medicine. Your vet can tell you exactly when your dog needs to take its medicine, as well as how much. However, actually getting your dog to follow those instructions can be much more of a challenge. Dogs are often surprisingly good at not taking medicine in pill or liquid form. So whether you’re currently doing battle with your dog or want to be prepared for the future, we have five tips to help you get an edge:

1. Enlist Another Dog

If you have another dog in your home, you can use competition as a way to make medicine time a success. By putting the pill in a treat and then offering another treat to your other dog, your “patient” will want to swoop in and take the medicated treat as soon as you open your hand.

2. Use a Strong Scent

Dogs often avoid medicine because they don’t like the way it smells. You can prevent your dog from picking up on this unwanted scent by using something with a strong but appealing smell to mask it. Fish oil often works really well for this purpose.

3. Play a Game

Just as competition with another dog can help getting medicine down, getting your dog excited with a game can work to your advantage. By starting to play and periodically rewarding your dog with treats, you will likely be able to slip in your dog’s medicine without it being rejected.

4. Drop It

Regardless of their breed or size, most dogs love scooping any food their owners drop on the floor. Even if what’s dropped isn’t nearly as good as the food a dog gets each day, pups tend to act like they hit the jackpot when grab a morsel. You can use this instinct to your advantage by preparing a treat that includes the medicine in advance, then pretending to drop it and letting your dog gobble it up.

5. Create a Distraction

It doesn’t take long for dogs to pick up on routines. While this is great for many areas of their lives, it can work against you when trying to administer medicine. That’s why the last tip we want to cover is switching up the environments in which your dog gets its medicine. From going on a walk to taking a drive, finding different opportunities to surprise your dog with its medicine may be exactly what’s needed for your pet to actually take it.