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5 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

  • 2 January 2019
  • joesanfillipo

In the new year, many of us set new goals. But have you ever considered creating new year’s resolutions to make your pet’s life better? After all, your fur baby deserves the best; healthy pet food, lots of activities, and all the love and care you can give.

We’ve compiled some new years’ resolutions for you and your furry friend so you can ensure that 2019 is the best year with your pet yet!

  1. Go on an adventure

Imagine if you were stuck in the same boring yard all day long. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Get in the car with your dog and go to a new environment; a dog-friendly beach, a new park or a walk through a new neighborhood. Your pooch will love the range of new smells and sounds.

If your cat is willing, use a cat leash to take her on a short walk, or use a “catio” to help her see the outside world. A “catio” is an enclosure meant for the outdoors that changes up her environment yet allows her to remain safe, purr-fect for indoor cats. If this isn’t an option, try building some vertical spaces in your home, so your cat has a better vantage point.

2.Upgrade your pet food

Good quality food is crucial in order for your pet to stay happy, healthy and strong, among other benefits. Poor quality food from many pet supply stores often causes allergies, causing your pet to scratch and bite himself, or break out in rashes.

Food from pet food stores has shelf life of up to 8 months, meaning that much of the nutritional value is lost, and it needs to contain preservatives and chemicals to ensure it lasts on shelf. The ingredients also often consist of carbohydrate-rich foods, which contain less essential nutrients for carnivorous dogs.

Similar to homemade pet food, Pet Wants pet food is slow-cooked with fresh, natural ingredients which pack a nutritional punch. It is made frequently in small, fresh batches and delivered straight to your door.

3. Get regular check-ups

To look after your fur baby, we recommend yearly check-ups for an adult dog and twice-yearly for a senior dog. Even seemingly minor issues like rashes or mild behavioral problems can be solved by regular visits, or by trying a new healthy pet food. If left unchecked, these issues can worsen rapidly, and you’ll be back at the vet before you know it.

4. Focus purely on your pet for 15 mins a day

We often get so busy, we don’t have a chance to focus solely on our pets without distraction. By giving your pet your undivided attention for just 15 minutes a day, it reassures him that you care.

Playing with your dog or cat can also be a beneficial way to practice their coordination and problem-solving skills. Toys from pet supply stores can be a great way to get a lazy cat moving. Dogs are very social creatures and one-on-one time is especially important in multi-dog households.

Spend time playing with your pet, experimenting with a new game, or stroking him. He’ll pawsitively love the attention (and if you’ve got a dog, maybe he won’t be a pest the other 23 hours of the day!

5. Pet maintenance

Your furry friend deserves to be pampered. For dogs, regular brushing helps maintain their coat, distributing natural oils through his fur. Most dogs will only need brushing once every couple of weeks, but for long haired breeds, we recommend brushing at least once a week.

We often see cats as relatively low maintenance, however grooming your kitty can help prevent hairballs and matted fur, and can keep you aware of any health issues. All cats need is a brush with a metal comb once or twice a week.

We hope you’ll consider these new year resolutions for your precious pets. For more nutrition tips to help care for your pets, or to try one of our nutritious blends, please contact Pet Wants Cincy West at (513) 498-2883 or see if we deliver to your area here!