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3 Reasons Your Dog Should Try Our Freeze Dried Raw Treats

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  • 2 September 2019
  • joesanfillipo

Did you know a dog’s diet can affect his or her lifespan? If you’re concerned about the health and happiness of your pup (as should any responsible pet parent), you might want to consider switching to freeze dried raw treats. Iffy and unsure? We here at Pet Wants Cincy West have put together a list of reasons why your dog should try our raw form freeze dried bites.

  • Safely Preserves Freshness & Flavor

Most big brand treats are packed full of unwanted chemical preservatives. However, the freeze drying process preserves the freshness and flavor of treats without the need for chemicals. They are flash frozen at low temperatures to extract moisture, therefore extending shelf life without altering the natural composition. Sounds like a winner!

  • More Nutritional Value Than Usual

The process of dehydrating dog treats isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to nutrition because it involves high heat. High temps like these have been shown to kill or diminish the potency of nutrients found in raw meat. On the other hand, freeze drying meaty treats raw preserves the full nutritional content to support a healthier diet.

  • Budget-Savers – More Weight for Less!

Another reason why pet owners from coast to coast are making the switch to freeze dried treats has to do with their monthly budgets. By buying freeze dried treats you actually save money. This is because freeze drying significantly reduces weight and size without extracting nutrition. And the savings are passed to you! Get more bang for your buck by buying freeze dried dog treats in the raw.

The tasty morsels both pet parents and fur babies can appreciate, freeze dried treats are flavorful, chemical-free and nutritionally healthier. Take some home to your precious pooch to supplement his or her diet with the best of the best from Pet Wants Cincy West!